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"I am simply walking the path of infinity with a life dedicated to art. If my humble drop in the ocean can help bring about the change in thinking that is so needed in today’s crass, commercialized, mechanized existence, if it can add a dab of spiritual context to the world as it takes art and culture as a vehicle of change across boundaries, it makes my artistic process that much more fulfilling." -Manav Gupta

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Water - The New Gold | 2019

Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


A versatile solo repertoire of sculptures, installations, murals, architecture-design using construction scrap material are all integrated and interwoven together in a beautiful story of museum like objects, in open public space, highlighting the importance of water in a city’s sustainability and narrating the benefits of imbibing the five elements in the modern way of life as well as paying tribute to the local rich heritage as ‘ode to Odisha’.

Half An Acre.

A public art museum on water & sustainability.

The Architectural Design & creation of City in a City.
Twenty Feet Tall – The Giant Sculpture of a Hand Pump.
Seven Tower Murals
Carved Sculpted Ground Paintings
The Sabhaghar

Manav Gupta, Rain Rainforest and the Beehive Garden, Art and Sustainability, Climate Change, Environment Consciousness, Manav Gupta Artist, Installations, Paintings, Works, Indian Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Manav Gupta Sculptures and Installations

arth - art for earth | 2018

the excavated museum of clay

05/06/2018 - 17/12/2018
Extended by Public Demand Twice.

at IGNCA, Ministry of Culture, Government of India
IGNCA 11 Mansingh Road, New Delhi 110001

A pioneering public art project innovation of transforming rural craft of quintessentially Indian clay pottery into a cutting edge global language of contemporary art as environmental art installations punctuating 23 acres of campus lawns in Lutyen’s Delhi.

Avant garde
vision translated as ‘rain’ embracing trees and the ‘Ganga waterfront’ embracing the ‘matighar’ architecture to nurture them as a metaphorical message of
‘our city needs the river, we need our trees.’
Revisiting India’s ‘Chipko’ Movement.

Dialogues at the waterfront.
Conceptualised Curated and Choreographed by the artist.
A unique call to all stakeholders of society in the city for a discourse to find transforming solutions for sustainable living.

rain – 25ft high. Half an Acre Dense
Ode to Matighar – Ganga Waterfront – 45ftx 30ft x 60ft, Rain, Rainforest & the Beehive Garden – punctuating in half an acre of ‘rainforest’, the bed of life – 10ft x 10ft x 5ft, Time Machines – the sound of AUM – 10ft x 3ft x 3ft

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'arth - art for earth' by Manav Gupta

Times of India Review

‘Arth – art for earth’ is Indian contemporary artist Manav Gupta’s brainchild of 20 years and it explores the meaning of life. ‘Arth’ means ‘wealth’ and ‘meaning’ in the Devanagri script. Through ‘Arth’, a travelling museum which is scheduled to travel across 29 mega cities across the world, the artist explores the earth and nature and urges us to ‘stop a while’ and think about living a life of environmental consciousness. Arth’s exhibitions in clay started in Pretoria, South Africa in 2013 where it was hosted by the National Museum and Indian High Commission. Since then, owing to the exhibition’s success, it has been showcased at various other locations including Aerocity, New Delhi in 2014; India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in 2015; Old Fort, Delhi in 2016; DLF Mall of India, Noida as the Yamuna Project in 2017 followed by a prototype of his Permanent Museum at Amrita Shergill Marg, New Delhi. The 2018 edition was launched on World Environment Day, hosted by IGNCA, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The artist’s signature suite of ‘excavations in hymns of clay’ is set-up in the 23 acres of IGNCA lawns. The exhibits are made of clay and pottery in different forms imitating nature and are created as ‘excavations’ from ideas of sustainable development. The art installations include ‘The Bed of Life’, ‘The River’, ‘The Beehives Garden’, ‘Rain’, ‘Time Machine, and ‘Noah’s Ark’ and they are made different forms of pottery– earthen lamps (“diyas”), local cigar (“chilam”), earthen cups (“kullar”)– transforming them into monumental art installations which are environment friendly and also supports local artists. What’s more, the travelling museum’s River Waterfront also transforms into a platform for people from different walks of life in the leading megacities to come together and discuss important environmental issues and the need for sustainable development through art poetry and cultural performances. And if we don’t address these problems now, we all will have to be the ‘Noah’s Ark’. The exhibition is currently on-going at IGNCA, New Delhi till October 22, 2018.

Manav Gupta, Hourglass, Time Machine, Art and Sustainability, Climate Change, Environment Consciousness, Manav Gupta Artist, Manav Gupta Installations, Paintings, Works, Indian Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Manav Gupta Sculptures and Installations, Water, Time, Pottery

Sculpture Garden - a prototype | 2017 - 2018

Amrita Shergill Marg, New Delhi, India

World Premiere:
One Acre of a Sculpture Garden prototype. Created at the artist’s studio at a collector’s house. 

Rain: 25ft x 50ft x 15ft, Waterfront 15ft x 30ft x 15ft, Connecting Rivers of the World, the bed 10ft x 10ft x 15ft, Time Machine 6.5ft x 4ft x 4ft, The Beehive Garden Single Edition Beehives 1ft x 1ft x 6in

Excavated Museum in a Mall | 2017

The Yamuna Project

Mega outreach on DLF Mall of India’s invitation:

The Beehive Garden Project: 6ft x 10ft x 5ft River Waterfront (The Yamuna Project): 15ft x 20ft x 30ft, Time Machine: 10ft x 5ft x 5ft, Noah’s Ark: 8ft x 4ft x 4ft | Water Spill: Site Specific, Meet me by the Riverside, the bed of love: 10ft x 6ft x 6ft

Manav Gupta Public Art Installations Excavations in hymns of clay waterfront India Habitat Centre

Rain the Ganga Waterfront along Time Machine | 2015

The Ganga Waterfront
along Time Machine
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Engagement with space and architecture


Bringing a river into the heart of a city​

45ft x 60ft x 45ft: Site Specific Art Installation.

Unsung Hymns of Clay | 2013

South Africa
unsung hymns of clay | the shrinking river | rainforests and the circle of life

Hosted by National Museum Pretoria,
Indian High Commission
Incredible India.

Exhibition extended to Cape Town, Grahams Town by Lovell Gallery.


Extended as BRICS Summit outreach
Lectures at UNISA & Pretoria University.

7 ft x 9 ft: “the Shrinking River”
2ft x 2ft x 2ft: “Zen” – Sculpture
10ft x 30ft x 10ft: Site Specific Art Installation

Tree of Life mural | 2010

Dimensions: 11,500 Sq Ft: Total Painted Surface Area
5,000 Sq Ft: Glass Facade


Largest Indoor Staircase Mural




Painting LIVE for three months in front of 3500 employees, involving thousands of people to put strokes and idioms in the first phase and then weaving it all in the next phase to create a multi layered 3D-2D composition.


PERMANENT COLLECTION, Airtel Campus, New Delhi NCR, India. Site given Museum status by Limca Book of Records

Education Outreach

Lectures, Talks

Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai, India | June 30th, 2016

Artist led student's

Half an acre of 'rain' studied by students during the artist's curatorial walk

Public Outreach

All Stake holders of Society

What they Say | People

Public Art, Outreach Porgrammes, Movement, Engagement.

Engagement with Masses

Dialogues at the Waterfront

Panel Discussions

Award winning artist performing live at Gupta's installations

Inter-disciplinary programmes

A tribute to spiritual ensembles
Lighting of Lamps, Power of Thought Experiments

Lighting of the Lamps


"Nature has a million answers. Even as I observe tree trunks, roots, branches, idling in some corner, to be burnt down as wood, it affords an excellent laboratory to the mind. It is exciting, sensuous and intoxicating. If one submits oneself to the form and the raw energy of the tree even when it can no longer bear fruit and leaves, one can see great poetry and lyricism in its intertwining branches and roots. The functional sculptures and paintings are a result of this experiment. The process takes over thereafter, but it is just an ode to nature's beauty." - Manav Gupta

Excerpt from Wikiquote

- Rainforests and the Timeless Metaphors of Dreams by Manav Gupta (August 1997)
- "on my eyot, umbilical cords of earth" by Manav Gupta (May 1999)
- One minute films on environment consciousness (Commissioned by the Govt. of India) (2005)

Public Service Messages | Films on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Environment Consciousness


All Stake holders of Society invited in the artist's movement

Plant a Sapling on my Canvas

Video Installations | Immersive Exhibitions

manav gupta. rainforests, within the ventricles of light. triple channel video installation
Tripple and Dual Channel Video Installations

Work with Dr Kalam

Haiku Poems, Artists Statement, Quotes on Nature, Light and Hope
Pioneering Jugalbandi's and Performance Art in India

Performance Art - 'Jugalbandi'

Manav Gupta, Rain Rainforest and the Beehive Garden, Art and Sustainability, Climate Change, Environment Consciousness, Manav Gupta Artist, Manav Gupta Installations, Paintings, Works, Indian Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Manav Gupta Sculptures and Installations
Embracing Trees and Architecture, Chipko Movement, Environement Consciousness, Climate Change, Sustainable Development

Nature as a Laboratory

Rainforests & River - Paintings & Books - Climate Change - Copenhagen Wall of Hope, Kyoto Protocol

Haiku Poems, Artists Statement, Quotes on Nature, Light and Hope

Infusing environment consciousness in corporate spaces. Workshops.