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“Nature has a million answers. If one submits oneself to the form and the raw energy of the tree, one can see great poetry and lyricism in its intertwining branches and roots. Exciting, sensuous and intoxicating. Even when the tree can no longer bear fruits and leaves, or is cut, bleeds, idles in some corner, to be used or burnt down as wood, it affords an excellent laboratory to the mind. The creative process takes over thereafter, but it is only an ode to nature’s beauty.” – Excerpt, Artist’s Statement: Art for Earth series; 1996 -1997. 


“Brilliant. Moving.” “A work of power and imagination.” “True originality of thought and treatment.” “A solo biennale.” “Iconic.”


“A progressive liberation of light from the object, or perhaps the resolution of the object into light.”


“No other artist uses clay and pottery in public art like Manav Gupta.”

manav gupta. rainforests, within the ventricles of light. triple channel video installation

Triple Channel Video Installations

“Light, for me is — Hope and Colour — the Universe in which it exists.”

Manav Gupta short one minute films on environment consciousness by Manav Gupta


“Long before Climate Change became drawing room conversation, Gupta has been using his art…”


“Tree of Life. World record indoor mural with first of its kind four multiple processes involving people participation”

Thought Experiments | Engagements

“The artist takes his ‘art beyond art’ to a new level and paradigm with multiple layers of creative engagement with people, for raising public consciousness through his art “

Performance Art | Concerts

“The prospect of painting a troupe of performing musicians before an audience would have perturbed most people, but Gupta was serene.”