Tree of Life

5th floor staircase

Conceptualized and created a first of its kind six floor high 11000 sq ft 3-D to 2-D monumental staircase mural at the Airtel Centre, H.Q. campus of Bharti Airtel Ltd. Painting LIVE for three months in a continuous marathon performance art in front of 3500 employees, Manav created it in two phases. In the first phase, he gave the employees the experience of a lifetime to play with brush and colours and invited them to put strokes and idioms on his creation. In the second phase he weaved it as a site specific composition to create a unique composition – and an iconic work of art.

Tree of Life (Mural by Manav Gupta)
The Conceptual
 1_MG_0938 copy 2
The Performance
 1_MG_0938 copy
The Collaborative
 Manav Gupta Performance Art, Tree of Life, Mural
The Site Specific
from the artist’s desk First Phase :
the artist invites his audience
the beginning the wide expanse extending the experience deep
taking it forward conceptualising Second Phase : the master’s strokes the evolving storyline consolidating and conceptualising negotiating the 2D vs. 3D site specifics