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“My art is about inclusivity. It is about involving all stakeholders of society. From Presidents, Heads of States, to Experts in art and culture, intelligentsia to the masses, the public at large, common people who help communities function, daily wage labourers; I take my art to have dialogues across cross sections of society. More often than not the bondings have been with thinkers, evolved humanitarians, people with vision, and thinking that is large. From whichever rungs of society they may come from, art is a leveller. The essence of it all is the distilling residue that is celebrated and carried, both by the viewer and the artist.” – Manav Gupta

Hon'ble President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam's inaugural speech at the National Gallery of Modern Art's centenary celebration.

Excerpt (about his experience with art, highlighting his engagement with Manav Gupta):

“My Experience:
Some time back I composed a poem in my mother tongue and translated it into English, titled “Life Tree” along with some other poems. The message in the poems was celebration of life. While composing I never thought that a poem could be given life, beauty and creativity as I visualised. That is the time Manav came and stayed with me in Rashtrapati Bhavan to picturise the natural beauty of Rashtrapati Bhavan  and the Mughal Gardens. He stayed with his family for a week and created beautiful canvases bubbling with life.

I can see in them the beauty of flowers, smell the fragrance and taste the honey in the flowers. It is as if they are speaking to me with poems. 
When Manav came across my poem “Life Tree” he took seven days in the beautiful environs of the Mughal garden to transform “Life Tree” into a speaking tree. What a beautiful creation!
First time I realized painting and poem intertwined with the imagination of a painter, leads to the birth of a new creation. That new creation touches your heart smoothens feelings, and transmits beauty and peace of the combined art into every artistic person and showers happiness in his or her mind and soul”

His Highness Shihab bin Tariq al-Said, Royal Family, Oman

Excerpt (from Gupta's solo exhibition at the Oman Fine Art's Society):

“I was very delighted to have had this moment to view Manav Gupta’s work at the Oman Fine Art society exhibition. 
This is great work of a famous Artist from India which for us Oman​is is an addition to our cultural knowledge. I wish Manav a successful tour of Oman and we look forward to seeing more of his very fine work.”

His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Druk Gyalpo of the Kingdom of Bhutan (His Majesty, the King of Bhutan)

Excerpt (on the occasion of the Indo Bhutan mural being commissioned by the Ministry of External affairs through ICCR for the BIFA Museum):

“Commissioned by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India for a monumental canvas mural series on Indo -Bhutan friendship, Gupta created a suite of upto twenty ft high canvases depicting four different planes of engagement and association and bonding between the two countries – the historical, cultural spiritual, environmental.

The King of Bhutan was very moved by the works and invited the artist and his wife to his Palace – for tea. What was to be a short meeting where the King conveyed his admiration for the works to the artist, turned out to be an enchanting afternoon of engagement and sharing of ideas and stories. His Highness very graciously gave some rare glimpses of his journey with the Queen, and their upcoming marriage, including priceless moments that included the crown that the King was making for the Queen.

This painting, a portrait of the queen by the artist, created specially to mark the auspicious occasion of the marriage of the Royal Couple, depicts punctuations and stories from that afternoon that the artist etched on the canvas to weave an aide memoire for the Royal couple, around the portrait, that the King presented to the Queen.

Seen here in the photograph, at a private gathering, L to R His Highness Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Her Highness Jetsun Pema, artist Manav Gupta and the then ambassador of India to Bhutan, Mr Pavan Varma.

Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog, Government of India

A very beautifully put exhibition- of clay. Blends so beautifully with the backdrop. Extremely creative and thought inspiring work concerning environment. Wish you all the best . More & more people have to get connected with a work like this.

Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture, Govt of India

Vision and passion of Manav ji is beyond imagination. Bringing Nature and creation of a common man ' Kumhaar' who shapes the sand ? to Diya is chillam to an exclusive presentation with the theme and with this  a New?. Needs to showcase this talent to corner of World.

Prof Lokesh Chandra | Scholar, MP, Former President ICCR.

The exhibition of Mr Manav Gupta being held in the illustrious precincts of IGNCA is stunning in its conception and configuration. His multiple representations of the coming into being of life and its final mergence into “shunyata”, the shimmer of rain drops in the thirst of air, the honeycombs in the sweetness of heaven, or the descent of the sacred Ganga running across shards and stones in her majestic flow, reflect the horizons of the mind of Manav, so aptly named by his parents. Manav is a derivative of ‘Manu’ or — ‘one who thinks perceives and conceives’ in contradiction of ‘pashu’ — ‘one who merely sees’. The English word ‘Man’ arose from the Sanskrit term ‘Manu’. The mind of Manav ‘Man’ celebrates the phenomena of Panchatantra (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Sky) in the transmundane. This exhibition is an inspiring expression of the mind of Manav, the artist who wanders beyond the horizons of aerthesis. In his art the ‘rupadhatu’ transcends into the arupdhatu, the world of material form (‘rupa’) becomes ethereal in the sublime of the non-form (‘arupa’)

“mitti ka tan, mitti ka mann”

Mr Ram Bahadur Rai, President, IGNCA Trust, Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Manav ji's work and vision is truly remarkable.

Uma Bharti, Minister of State, Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Govt of India

The artist has beautifully drawn attention to one of the most important resources and topics like water, climate change and sustainable development with his first of a kind deployment of using our quintessential Indian potter's produce and sustainable materials

Vandana Shiva, Scholar, Environmental activist.

We are Earth, We are soil, We are water- You make this realization come alive in your art ,Manav- Thank you for this amazing installation .And I hope you can weave a thread of consciousness across the world that we are part of nature,or we paddle Noah's boat

Lord Meghnad Desai, Indian born, British Economist and former Labour Politician.

Water and clay are the two eternal constants of life. We are in the danger of running out of water unless we preserve it. Let us hope Manav Gupta is successful in reminding us of our responsibility to respect water and earth.

Dr Yogendra Narain, Former Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha. Former Defence Secretary of India. Former Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh.

Manav has penned his thoughts as reflected in his works. They depict deep philosophical emotions and they touch a chord with nature and life.The purity of the environment is as essential as the purity of the soul within.The silence of his works have one's mind and thoughts in that direction. It is for us to understand his message. We have to love the earth. Congratulations Manav for a work well done!

Mr Darwish bin Ismail bin Ali Al Balushi, Secretary General, Minister of Finance

Mr Abdul Razak Ali Issa, CEO of Bank Muscat

Mr Anil Wadhwa, Indian Ambassador to Oman

SIGNATURE OF CIVILISATION: Darwish bin Ismail bin Ali Al Balushi, Secretary General, Minister of Finance, cutting a ribbon to mark the opening of a 12'day painting exhibition by renowned artist Manav Gupta at the Omani Society for Fine Arts yesterday; as Anil Wadhwa, Indian ambassador, Abdul Razak Ali Issa. CEO ot Bank Muscat: K. Gopakumat/ general manager (ot Wholesale Banking, BankMuscat: Thahar Ali Kisri, director general, Omani Society for Fine Arts; Rajeev Chowdhary. managing director ot Light & Shadow Enterprises: and artist Manav Gupta look on. Below,: the artist explaining the theme of a painting to the Chief guest and other dignitaries.

August 13th, 2007 | Times of Oman

Earlier, the event was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador designate to the Sultanate, Anil Wadhwa, when he took a brush and drew a green line. Manav took over from here and produced the Indian flag on the one side and a caricature of Mahatma Gandhi along with common people united behind him for the freedom struggle. A large number of Omani dignitaries and top-ranking Indian executives attended the event and lauded the idea of live painting on the auspicious occasion of India’s Independence Day.

August 7th, 2007 | Oman Daily Observer

Dominique Girard, French Ambassador to India

Dominique Girard, French Ambassador to India awarding Manav Gupta the first Sanatan Kalakriti Puraskar (Award). Excellence in the Field of Art

H.E. Richard Verma

United States High Commissioner to India

Congratulations on a wonderful and inspiring work of art that takes into account nature, the human spirit and the best of India-so beautiful! Rich Verma and Dylan Verma

Mr Max Rodenbeck

South Asia Beaureau Chief, The Economist

What a spectacular monsoon of talent! Manav congratulations for an intoxicating display.

Sir Dominic Anthony Gerard Asquith

British High Commissioner to India

What a privilege to see the installations- which have the effect of stirring the imagination for leaving you feel so peaceful.

Mr Nader Patel

Ambassador, Canadian High Commissioner to India

Manav, Thank you for such a warm welcome to your home and studio. Your creativity and talent is inspiring and we are truly impressed by your vision and expansive depth of presence. We look forward to exploring collaboration in or with Canada. All the best and warmest wishes for your ongoing success!

Beautiful installations with a beautiful message. Congratulations Manav in such a thoughtful exhibit.

Mr Richard Celeste and Jacqueline Lundquist

Former Ambassador to India under the Clinton Administration

Mr Jose Ramón Barañano Fernández

Ambassador, Spanish High Commissioner to India

We have just fallen in love with the clay rain!! It is peaceful and meaningful. It holds the tradition of India and at the same time it is full of creativity. A modern piece of art in the land of heritage so rich… It couldn’t be more awesome. Congratulations dear Manav! Warmest Regards

Dr Dnyaneshwar Manohar Mulay

Former Consul General of India, New York. Former High Commissioner of India, Maldives

Ms Mariela Cruz Alvarez

Ambassador, Costa Rica High Commissioner to India

Breathtaking overwhelmed by Bliss.
Water – Forests
Jungle – Love
Rain – Spirit
Thank you Manav!
Beautiful beautiful work of art and highly evocative

Mr Kumar Managalam Birla

Philanthropist, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group

Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal

Philanthropist, Founder and Chairperson of Bharti Enterprises

Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan,

Founder President, Chairperson | RBEF, Amity Foundation

Manavji is one of the most innovative and creative artistsnof the world. Our country is proud to have such great ambassadors like him.

Dr Atul K Chauhan and Dr (Mrs) Puja Chahuan

CEO, RBEF, Amity Foundation

Thought provoking installation. It brings lot of calmness and serene environment just like water. Lots of compliments to Manav ji.

Mrs Kiran Nadar

Founder, Kiran Nadar Museum of Modern Art

Enjoyed the cascade of diyas and the waterfall & serenity of the installation. Very well thought out & crafted.

Dr Pheroza Godrej

Chairperson, Godrej Archives Council; Art-historian, Environmentalist, Writer

Thought provoking and innovative. A beautiful and powerful work of art.

Mr Hari Bhartia and Mrs Kavita Bhartia

Hari Bhartia – Founder and Co Chairman – Jubiliant Group, Kavita Bhartia – Founder, OGAAN
Well done Manav. Beautifully executed, amazing installations. Wish you great success in your endevours.

Mr Sakti Burman & family

Eminent Artist

Ganga shiv er joutaar theke nemay aashche tomar aei installation ta dekhe shei kotha monay porche ja aami porechilam aamader school er boi e.

Ms Anjolie E Menon

Eminent Artist

Mr Shyam Benegal

Film Director

Mr Raj Liberhan

Former Director, India Habitat Centre

Mr Sunit Tandon

Director, India Habitat Centre

Mrs Rasil Basu

Rain-Sculpture Garden Prototype-In Loving Memory of Rasil and Romen Basu

Mr Kamal Meetle and Mrs Anita Meetle

Indian Environmental activist and CEO of Paharpur Business Centre

Very evocative-a wonderful message. The Ganga may disappear by now 2305 if we go on with business as usual – Climate change! Well done.

Mr Dinesh Dhamija

Former Member of the European Parliament, Founder: Ebookers, London
Excavations in hymn’s of clay- an amazing concept. Indian art that needs to go global. Saw the art at night….Lighting makes the whole concept, come alive.

Shri Deepika Maharaj Singh and Mr Aditya Maharaj Singh



Sandy Angus, Chairman, Angus Montgomery

Angus Montgomery Ltd. Owner-India Art Fair

Manav Gupta commissioned by Hitachi, Singapore for a Limited Edition Copyright of works for premiere plasma screens. Curated by Renu Rana. Hitachi CEO and Dignitaries, Hitachi Singapore

Jay Coogan, President, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

President's Lecture Series: Manav Gupta

The President’s Lecture, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minnesota, USA | November 12th, 2015

He’s been called the “maverick genius” by his critics. According to insiders, Manav Gupta is piped to be the next big thing in international art. One of India’s most erudite and versatile contemporary artists, Manav Gupta has reinvented the language of clay by infusing true originality of thought and treatment in the humble produce of the potters wheel. With works sold by Christie’s, Bonham’s, Philip de Pury and in several private, corporate, and public collections, he is widely exhibited around the globe. Recently Manav executed perhaps the two biggest solo commissioned artworks originating from India in the past few years: a world-record, five-floor, ten-thousand-square-foot mega mural at the corporate giant Airtel’s headquarters during which he invited thousands of employees to come and experience painting with him; and an Indo-Bhutan friendship mural of twenty-foot-high canvases in Bhutan. His passion for public art is long standing—a striving of the thought and belief that embraces and explores the juxtaposition and dichotomy of the universality with the exclusively isolated, the iconic and iconoclastic.

Mr Shatrugan Sinha, MP

Mr Ram Jeth Malani, former Minister of Law and Justice of India

Mr Ramkrishna Hegde, Former Chief Minister of Karnataka

Smt Shiela Dixit, Former Chief Minister of Delhi

Kapila Vatsyayan, Scholar- Indian classical dance, art, architecture, and art history.

Ms Shyama China. Founder President of Tamana Association, former Principal of Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram.

Lectures Talks Panel Discussions. Dialogues at the Waterfront.

Mr Rajeeva Shah

Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of India.

It is really amazing, The concept, the creativity, the philosophy. Everything provokes us to think and realise what  we are and we should be. Many congratulations to Manav for another remarkable work. My sincere best wishes

Ms Vinita Srivastav

Executive Director (Heritage), Railway Board of India

Ethereal, God bless your heart!

Mr and Mrs Navneet Soni

Chief Income Tax Commissioner

Always a treat to see Manav’s art. A work of immense innovation.

Mr Satish Mehta

Former Ambassador, Director General ICCR, Govt of India

A very interesting, evocative and engaging display of the river Ganga , thriough its various ebbs and flows. As we launch ourselves to clean and purify this life giving river, which is a part of our history, present and future, this tremendous installation art of Manavji will inspire to accomplish the task soonest ? possible.

Ms Neelima Agarwal

Editor in Chief – Luxury Chronicle

Manav! You’ve left me speechless. Rather your art. Read my report for more. Much success to you.

Mr. B N Goswami

Indian Critic and Art Historian

Brilliant. Moving.

Mr Kiran Karnik

Director, Central Board of Directors of Reserve Bank of India.

Mr. Al Mittle

Mr. Rohit Khattar

Chairman, Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. 

Absolutely splendid seeing that how there are actually no boundaries to the expression of art. God bless and keep creating.

Pavan K Varma and Renuka Verma

Former Member Rajya Sabha, Former Indian High Commissioner to Bhutan

Manav Gupta’s ‘ Hymns of clay’ is truly a spectacular piece of original art whose creativity is further enhanced by the fact that it is wholly Indian in inspiration and content with few such parallels anywhere in the world in terms of magnitude and the mass use of the potter made Bharatiya inverted , humble diya!

Mr and Mrs S S Mahdi

Former Vice President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Raghu Rai

Award Winning Indian Photographer and Photojournalist

Sonali Bhagvati

Member Delhi Urban Arts Commission, Interior Designer

Adwaita Gadanayak, Director General National Gallery of Modern Art, India

Mr Kamal Meattle | Indian environmental activist, CEO of Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology Incubator Park based in New Delhi

Uma Sharma | Padma Bhushan Kathak Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher

Dr Kusum Ansal | Author, Poet, Philanthrophist

Ms Sharmila Tagore | Indian Actress

Mr Anoop Jalota | Indian singer, musician and actor

Mr Amol Palekar | Indian Actor

Mr Uttam Pacharne | Chairman, Lalit Kala Academy

Mr Arun Goel | Former Secretary, Ministry of Culture | Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry,

Hon'ble Former Prime Minister of India Dr I K Gujral

Excerpt (on the occasion of Gupta's solo exhibition at the Park hotel in 2003; for his movement on environment consciousness, climate change and sustainable development - 'plant a sapling on my canvas'):

Engagement with Students, Workshops, Work with Dr Kalam (on the occasion of Gupta's exhibition at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in 2005; for his movement on environment consciousness, climate change and sustainable development - 'plant a sapling on my canvas'):