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PUBLIC ART REVIEW, USA | Fall-­‐winter edition, 2015-2016

‘A river of disposable clay vessels speaks to how we choose to use (and sometimes misuse) the earth for our own purposes’ (Public Art Review), where the artist makes the river an idiom -­‐ and takes it across the Nile or the Mississippi or the Thames as ‘water’ that relates to the commonality of environmental issues the world over.

Manav Gupta is truly a unique genius – the thinker and the visionary is hailed by
critics as one of the most erudite and versatile contemporary artists today.

After a hundred thousand footfalls at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi a year ago at his Ganga waterfront; and taking it across the Mississippi and the Hudson in USA last year as part of his Global Public Art Project on sustainbility connecting rivers of the world, he has created an entire ‘excavated museum’ at the DLF Mall of India at Sector 18, Noida till the 18th Feb 2017 with a suite of five mega environmental art installations that punctuate different spaces in the Mall.

Why ‘excavations in hymns of clay’ ? His philosophy and artist statement bring out
the uniqueness behind the whole first of its kind concept of a solo project of
environmental art by any artist as a travelling museum and public art for sustainable development.

Art Critic, The Economic Times
“Exuberant and reflective. Fine sense of color. Delicate
watercolors that exploit the lambient fluidity of the medium for a language tat’s poetic..he creates a symphony of subtle tones
The Des Moines Register, Iowa
One of India’s leading artists is displaying his work in Des Moines, between high-profile exhibitions in London,Berlin
and other stops. One of the artist’s best known talent is to create on-site…
Colours that stir your soul
Indian Express Bangalore
Passion that’s patently obvious, in images of the rainforest,
elements of nature and horizons; Faces with character and eloquent eyes
Darpan (Indian Airlines)
Manav is known to marry paints with different art forms.
From interpreting works of eminent poets, to engaging in
jugalbandis with leading performing artists Manav’s canvas
is replete with colours. Manav has many first to his credits – interpreting poetry, dance, theatre, drama and films through
his paintings. Known as a sensitive painter, Manav has a strong command over his medium.
Manav has travelled a long way from having group and solo exhibitions in India and abroad, to making dedicated efforts that seek to create a consciousness on leading global issues
through his artistic endeavours. Apparent in all his  works repeatedly is his ideology. It may not be confined to the defined paradigm, but his personal dogma came across strongly in his paintings….its obvious that owning a slice of
Manav Gupta’s oeuvre would be more than worth one’s while.
Oman Observer
Using his poetry and paintings Manav has woven a subtle yet powerful experience that conveys the need for consciousness on
global warming and other environment issues. The exhibition entitled “Umbilical chords of earth, in the lyrics of light within apos
trophe of white, colours in sight” clearly illustrates the artist’s deep
love for nature. Manav is known for creating world-famous works of art on the theme of harmony between man and nature. The
Observer caught him live in action when he was busy creating a unique painting depicting the need for harmony between natural
environment and human society and the perils of disturbing this harmony.
The artist’s novel idea turned out to be a hit what with many Celebes vying with each other to be a part of his canvas
Hindustan Times
An artist who looks beyond himself, Manav Gupta’s sensitivity is
reflected in his latest works.
For artist poet sculptor, Manav Gupta it’s been an arduous journey
to reach the world of his vision How many artists can boast of a President planting a sapling…signing their works.
The Week
Art is in Manav Gupta’s nature..He has been a hit, because the
exhibition has been sold out. Gupta is not just a craftsman but a
spontaneous painter.
Indian Express, New Delhi Manav Gupta puts environmental issues on canvas. And it’s not the recent headlines on climate
change that’s influencing what he puts on canvas. He has been at it
for the last twelve years.
Times Of Oman
Gupta is one of the few leading young painters today whose
dexterity in exploring light and colour brilliantly with the most sensitive and delicate stroke play has fetched him rare critical
acclaim from luminaries, critics and the media alike. One of the leading young artists of India who is being rapidly recognised
globally for his cutting-edge works in watercolour, oils, acrylic as
well as multimedia work

The Asian Age
Manav creates a colorful world of impressions and images of life, made-up of throbbing lines and changing colors
The Hindustan Times
There is more to Manav than art and poetry……six years ago he decided to hold his first exhibition. Obviously, there’s been no looking back since
The Observer the 50 odd collections, displayed represented the
freshness and originality of thoughts that only a poet could think of…
First City
The use of colors is excellent…the work shows individuality. His work is an exploration of the amalgam of tangible and intangible
elements of nature.
The landscapes done by him go beyond the palpable, audible and visible, to that which cannot be touched, heard or seen
equally at ease with oils and other media. An artist to the core.
Deccan Herald
Multidimensional expression. The elite gathering were enthralled to
the artist poet Manav’s recitation of his poems and in the
background his exquisite paintings spoke a language of the essence
of nature and emotions
The Telegraph
“Manav Gupta is an artist with a difference…his paintings is often visually striking…Sounds, moods and rhythms have
deeply affected the artist to give a brilliant sensitivity to his works. “
The Statesman :Muse, Flight, Soar
He is at home with different mediums.Manav the poet and
Manav the artist marry easily to create forms and shades. The
poems only underline the aura of mysticism around the
paintings. The shades are mingled deftly to evoke a sense of
curiosity. all the paintings have one thing in common they glow with the artist’s fervour and energy…sensitive explorations of earth’s different hues…professionally too it has been a very
rewarding experience. Manav has quite a few feathers in his cap…. Muse, Flight, Soar… Armed with a spirit like his, Manav is sure to soar.
Inside Outside
“Colors express Manav’s best – at times soft and gentle almost
ethereal and whispering while others suddenly burst into vibrant and passionate reds, indigos and yet again into somber and rich earth tones.”
Art Correspondent, Femina
“What is interesting is the use of paper to give the effect of water sprays or just space so essential in creating a composition. There is an essence of relaxation permeating his
The Times of India
Having made waves in Calcutta, Manav recently shifted base to Delhi to colour the city canvas with his brush strokes. not surprisingly, show was a total sellout

Business Standard
Gupta is a maverick, one of those artists who is also a performer … a la M F Husain. He’s created canvases around environmental concerns, been billed among India’s emerging artists by Financial Times. At Airtel Centre, viewed from across the courtyard (which is where the main action is and where the employees are housed), the effect of his mural is stunning. In the main, he has chosen to use the Tree of Life to depict the five elements, one on each floor, uniting them through images, motifs, elements and colours.