River Waterfront | India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India | 2015

the river

Presidents lecture series: Manav Gupta | 12th november, 2015


'arth - art for earth' by manav gupta | Times of India, 2018

Museum Of Natural History, Pretoria, South Africa, 2013​

the shrinking river

The third edition of the travelling trilogy, ‘Rainforests and the Circle of Life’, by renowned artist Manav Gupta was recently hosted by the High Commission of India, South Africa, at the National Museum, Pretoria. The site-specific installation ‘Unsung Hymns of Clay’ using earthen lamps explores environment consciousness. Architecture+Design brings you a glimpse of the concept and treatment, which is fresh, minimalistic, innovative and original…
The earthen lamp is woven in the cultural-religious fabric of India from time immemorial. Once home, only at the time of worship, they are used as a tool at the altar. Once the prayer ends, it is discarded again to be immersed in Ganges. Its life is strange as the way of the world and the circle of life, like the unsung hymns of clay.
By using the earthen lamp as a metaphor, the artist explores glaring issues of how perception and context interplay with each other. The installation touches upon issues of equality, respect, treatment towards objects, situation, people and the essence of life beyond manmade boundaries. The pollution of the rivers, the shrinking of water and its availability and such other climate change issues have been in the artist’s ethos of work. In this installation, with a minimalistic approach, the artist depicts his philosophy in understated tones that touch deeply and reverberate, lingering in the mind long after the visual engagement ends.

Shrinking River | Hosted by the Ditsong Museum of Natural History and the Indian High Commission | South Africa | 2013

Bringing a river to the heart of a city.

"Rain, the Ganga Waterfront along Time Machine"
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2015

Manav Gupta Public Art Installations Excavations in hymns of clay waterfront India Habitat Centre
River Waterfront | India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India | 2015

Dialogues at the Waterfront

The artist’s 25 year old process of engaging with all stakeholders of society to have meaningful conversations through engagement with his art that brings awareness about climate change, environment consciousness and sustainable development.

Lighting of Lamps | Thought Experiments

Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation of India


Padma Bhushan, Uma Sharma performing a jugalbandi with Gupta's poetry at his waterfront

Education | Schools

Multiple schools invited personally by the artist


Poetry and Literature

Engagement with people | What they Say

Dr Pheroza Godrej, Philanthropist
H. E. Richard Varma (American Ambassador to India) with his son Dylan Varma
Kiran Shiv Nadar, Philanthropist
Dr Atul K Chauhan, Dr Mrs Puja Chauhan, Mr Kamal Meatle, Mrs Anita Meatle


the Ganga Waterfront | Hosted by IGNCA, Ministry of Culture, Government of India


Waterfront | Yamuna Project, Museum in a Mall | Hosted by DLF Mall of India


Rain, the Ganga Waterfront along Time Machine | India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


the Shrinking River | Ditsong Museum of Natural History, South Africa