the bed

"the bed of life"

“With the 'bed of life' the artist espouses the fragility of human existence in the large cosmic timeline of the universe.

The bed is of clay, like humans. As you stand in front of it, it makes you reflect and ponder. You can not use it without disturbing the design of the earthen lamps that symbolise droplets of water on the riverbed. The artist wants you to 'stop a while... and dwell'. The profoundness of the thought stares at you as you cannot step on the bed for the purpose it is meant to be. You can only absorb it's statement.

In all its metaphors and idioms, it gives you a moment to ponder. Human life begins and end on the bed. The stream of river that emerges from somewhere deep within and flows seamlessly over, is a fountain of life - as a metaphor of how the creation of human life begins on the bed; as well as ends with the journey of the soul transcending from the physical to the eternal. And it's entire timeline of human existence is but a nano microsecond of the microcosm that is not even a speck in the dust of the Universe.

the bed

Artist's Studio



Artist's Studio


meet me by the riverside, the bed of love

Excavated Museum in a Mall, DLF Mall of India, NCR


bed | Sculpture Garden

Private Prototype Museum, Amrita Shergill Marg


bed of life | arth - art for earth

Public Art Punctuating across 27 Acres, IGNCA, Ministry of Culture, Government of India


"meet me by the riverside"

"the bed of love"

“With the 'bed of love' the artist makes an intimate statement through the use of the male and female idioms of existence and how fragile love can be and yet so ethereal.

Love makes the world go around. The artist highlights the beauty of life in this edition of the 'Excavated Museum in a Mall'. Juxtaposed between leading brands of the world, the humble and prosaic earthen lamps and cups made with the poor potters produce, are transformed and transported into a statement of luxury and beauty, which is equal to if not higher than any other premium brand story.

And yet he brings in the sublime and the simple. The graceful and the inviting. Captioned 'meet me by the riverside' It evokes a sense of folklore, romance, subtly inviting the viewer to step outside commercial consumption and savour the beauty of nature and all that is natural. Another dimension of sustainable development."