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“Manav Gupta affirms the age-old sanctity of earth and clay, assembling everyday objects made by potters from across India to create huge installations that convey hope, passion, and the journey and transience of life. Using just a few types of functional items—the diya lamp, the kullad tea cup, and the chilam smoking pipe—he succeeds in creating something contemporary yet timeless in its ability to tell a powerful story. Massed in their hundreds and thousands, these humble items gain new significance, as tradition reimagined makes an eloquent case for sustainable practices that respect the earth’s resources while transforming the familiar into something completely unconventional, unexpected, and magical.” – Sculpture Magazine

“I am simply walking the path of infinity with a life dedicated to art. If my humble drop in the ocean can help bring about the change in thinking that is so needed in today’s crass, commercialized, mechanized existence, if it can add a dab of spiritual context to the world as it takes art and culture as a vehicle of change across boundaries, it makes my artistic process that much more fulfilling” – Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta at his musing best – BLOUIN ARTINFO| One of India’s most erudite and versatile contemporary artistsTimes of India | Iconic. – Uma Nair, Art Critic | Brilliant. Moving. – B. N. Goswamy, Art Critic |”An amazing perspective of the Ganga river with clay lamps, cups and chilams” – BBC.CO.UK| In its entirety it can fill the Tate Turbine Hall. – The Pioneer. | A solo biennale. – Millennium Post | Manav Gupta has stunned the art world with his latest installation – Outlook | Maverick Genius, Ambassador of India’s soft power, Manav Gupta has showcased Indian pottery in his avant garde installations across the world” – Indian Diplomacy, Ministry of External Affairs. | No other artist uses clay and pottery in public art like Manav Gupta. His works on nature and climate change are extensive, in harmony with themes and sites he chooses, and soul stirring. In the back drop of the recent Kerala floods, his series, ‘Arth’ (meaning), stands as the most gentle and revolutionary expression of art exposed to rain, trees and sunlight. Depletion of natural resources, recreating and sustaining, are at the core of the series. global in language and Indian in soul.  – Swarajya | A first of its kind initiative by one of India’s top ten eminent contemporary artists. – Indian Panorama, NEW YORK | the artist makes the river an idiom – and takes it across the Nile or the Mississippi or the Thames as ‘water’ that relates to the commonality of environmental issues the world over. – PUBLIC ART REVIEW, USA | Breath taking. Contemporary in its very making. Aruna Bhowmik, Art Critic, The Statesman |  A work of power and imagination. Manasij Mazumdar, veteran art critic | That the artist is able to create a visual image of a river, miles away from its shore, without any use of water speaks volumes about his talent.” Matters of Art |True originality of thought and treatment. – Times of India | This latest  installation reflects the brilliant conceptualisation of the artist in his inverting the everyday humble utilitarian earthen lamp to encrypt it into the river of clay resulting in many considering it to be of calibre enough to juxtapose it with Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. What’s On, Johannesburg, South Africa. | Enjoyed the very serenity of the installation. Very well thought out and crafted. – Kiran Nadar, Chairman, Kiran Nadar Museum of Modern Art. | Wonderful Exhibition. Extremely creative! – Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Ayog. Manav ji’s Vision and Passion is beyond imagination. – Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (I/C) Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

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a r t h   –   a r t   f o r   e a r t h   |    w o r l d w i d e    p r e m i e r e    |    r a i n    |     e x c a v a t e d   m u s e u m    o f    c l a y   |     m   a   n   a   v      g   u   p   t   a 6th Nov. 8th Nov. Punjab Kesari



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  • Live performance of the artist’s pioneering concept of Jugalbandi at the Pratham gala London on September 28, 2013
  • Seminal canvas on 100 years of Indian Cinema commissioned by Pratham, London
  • Travelling Trilogy III Premiere by National Museum of Cultural History, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Travelling Trilogy III, other venues | Now Showing : Unsung hymns of clay at Lovell Gallery, Capetown
Architecture + Design Magazine, Edition : June 2013
manav gupta installation review, Architecture and Design Magazine

excerpt | media coverage | South Africa

High Commission of India, Pretoria
premieres”the unsung hymns of clay”

21st February, 2013 – 15th April, 2013

as the launch of

Travelling Trilogy III,

Paintings, Installations, Films and Performance by

eminent Indian artist

Manav Gupta


National Museum of Cultural History

149 Visagie Street, Pretoria

Youtube | South Africa News

 | The High Commission of India in Pretoria is hosting one of India’s lauded artists, Manav Gupta, and his acclaimed exhibition
 | Features on the Brics members…an exhibition by contemporary Artist Manav Gupta