One of India’s top 10 eminent contemporary artists, Manav Gupta, is recognised as a true visionary and a thinker who has taken art beyond art as a movement over his two decades of career by deploying it to raising consciousness on environment. – WEF

Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of Indiaat National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
Excerpt from speech : Inaugural Centenary Address, National Gallery of Modern Art

Also in varied publications and official website(during his term of office as  of President of India)

“Some time back I composed a poem in my mother tongue and translated it into English, titled “Life Tree” along with some other poems. The message in the poems was celebration of life. While composing I never thought that a poem could be given life, beauty and creativity as I visualized. That is the time Manav came and stayed with me in Rashtrapati Bhavan to picturise the natural beauty of Rashtrapati Bhavan  and the Mughal Gardens. He stayed with his family for a week and created beautiful canvases bubbling with life.

I can see in them the beauty of flowers, smell the fragrance and taste the honey in the flowers. It is as if they are speaking to me with poems.

When Manav came across my poem “Life Tree” he took seven days in the beautiful environs of the Mughal garden to transform “Life Tree” into a speaking tree. What a beautiful creation!

First time I realized painting and poem intertwined with the imagination of a painter, leads to the birth of a new creation. That new creation touches your heart smoothens feelings, and transmits beauty and peace of the combined art into every artistic person and showers happiness in his or her mind and soul”

Anil Wadhwa, Indian Ambassador to Sultanate of Oman: The light effects have been used subtly, and in a sombre as well as in reflective manner. I was also impressed by the colour hues, the effects of the sun and moon, and of nature which flourishes under these conditions. I wish Manav all success and I am thankful to him for promoting Indo-Oman friendship through the medium of an accomplished artist.

Late Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Former Indian Ambassador to U.K :Manav Gupta has a finesse of forms and colour which flow through his exquisite painting each one of which is a poem with a painting as its habitat. His colours have a tranquil philosophical quality; his paintings spontaneously engage their viewers in an intimate conversation

Mr. Rod Pryde. Head of British Council :Manav’s paintings invite me into a world of peace, colour, beauty and pure thought… He is an artist and a poet of great character and skill

Dr Yogendra Narain former Secretary General, Rajya Sabha, Indian Parliament: The paintings depict deep philosophical emotions and they touch a chord with nature and life. The purity of the environment is as essential as the purity of the soul within. The silence of the painting lures one’s mind and thoughts in that direction. Well done, Manav

Shri Shekhar Dutt, former Defence Secretary: The deep concern the artist has for nature and the environment, which is our heritage, is reflected in each of his paintings. The message is loud and clear. It is for us to see how this message is channelized into an action for the community to take care of its natural resources

Paritosh Sen, eminent artist: An excellent watercolorist, who paints landscapes of great lyrical quality and beauty.

Vasant Pandit, eminent artist: and Manav’s Guru There are painters who portray nature mechanically. The most important thing for me is to reveal its divine sources and forces. Whenever I visited his studio, or revisited his works Manav gave me an account of my above opinion. Manav I have no doubt is trying to reveal the sources and forces both in man and nature.

Dr. (Ms) Shyama Chona, Educationist: If only I had the words to express my feelings and emotions for these wonderful works of art. Each painting is a poem itself. It is an expression of‘Manav’ – mankind. He represents it all. My heartiest congratulations. You will show the way to my thousands of children. I pledge my kids to you – no less than ten thousand.

Shri Ram Jethmalani Legal Luminary: Manav is one of the Navratnas of India (at the Leela Palace, Bangalore)