the performance

Performance Art Marathon

The artist carried out several role plays simultaneously as a part of his performance art even as he worked non stop on his creation for three months except for few hours of rest and sleep at night. –

from the inaccessible to the accessible, from the artist to the teacher, from the performer to the observer, from the Guru to the sutradhar (the one who binds it all), from the motivational speaker to the service provider, from the celebrity to the manager, from the CEO of the project to the shop floor manager at the site, from the thinker to the friend, philosopher, guide, from the guest speaker at the inaugural motivational session of for employees to the worker at the site, from the painter to the interior designer, the artist who conceptualized ,created and executed his idea to the recipient of resounding applause at the unveiling when he had every floor of the six storied building swarmed by thousands of people present at the inauguration as a six floor curtain was raised by mechanized gadgets and the mega creation the Tree of Life unfolded. But above all from tension of a monumental repository of different energies to nirvana of completeness, from passion to conversations, from the eloquent silence of “shoonya’ to the magnificence of an epic creative process the Tree of Life’s bliss.