the collaborative

Since 1997, the artist forte of “art beyond art” and his ideology of taking art to the masses has found several years of practice of Performance art, and collaborative art in his “jugalbandis” and other Public Art projects involving luminaries , employees and students at several locations, institutions, organizations and exhibitions, as well as his Public art practice of short films on climate change and sustainable development as Public Service messages for the Govt of India .

This time around when he was commissioned by Bharti Airtel Ltd to create a “staircase artwork” at their headquarters, the artist brought forth this decade and a half practice of his to a radical reorientation towards introducing a unique sustainable development process in corporate entity,thus establishing that the artist can contribute to the business environment as well, by refreshing the intangible quality of art’s soft power among employees.

To make this exciting, relevant and meaningful for the employees and the organization, the artist offer the rare lifetime experience to the employees of the organization to explore colours and dreams in this manner while fulfilling their corporate responsibilities on the job.

Instead of restricting them he made it most challenging for himself by allowing them free flow of passion ,teaching them, motivating them, building bridges between them to let them relate to art in his most inimitable way.