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An artist to the core, he transforms the Indian ‘jugalbandi between musicians to a contemporary performance art language while he translates a performing artist’s oeuvre Live on stage, with mesmerising stroke play on the canvas that matches the subtle and vigorous rhythms of the musician.

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There is more to Manav than meets the eye.

An artist to the core, he transforms the Indian ‘jugalbandi between musicians to a contemporary performance art language while he translates a performing artist’s oeuvre Live on stage, with mesmerising stroke play on the canvas that matches the subtle and vigorous rhythms of the musician.

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Working alongside the musicians on a large canvas was` artist Manav Gupta, whose brush moved in time to the beat like a conductor’s baton.Manav’s painting aimed to capture the ambience of the music on canvas. There was something mesmerizing about watching the artist layering clotted cream coloured pigment over blue, and working purple into shades of coral and tangerine, while the musicians performed nearby. By the end, the picture resembled a seascape, the sky flecked with birds that Manav explained symbolized hope and the union between Oman and India.

Times Leisure Taking centre-stage

As `the dancers were weaving rhythm on stage, internationally acclaimed artist Manav Gupta splurged a tapestry of colours on his canvas in tandem with them. At the end of the show, the canvas was a riot of colours having captured every nuance of the dance and music presented to perfection.

TIMES OF INDIA A brush with violin

It was an evening that synthesized the strokes of a brush with the soothing chords of a violin.Art and music came together to create a magical effect before a large gathering in the Capital recently . Artist Manav Gupta painted live on canvas while L.Subramanium played the violin.Also present at the recital was the French ambassador Dominique Girard with his wife Maud among other diplomats.The idea is to explore the nuances of mastering strokes while a violin player is pouring his heart out in the raga that he is exploring.L.Subramaniam ,who tried the concept for the first time ,was fascinated by the interest that it had generated.”The response has been fantastic.Art truly adds another dimension to music.he said.

A true jugalbandi of a different kind was witnessed where Sri Manav Gupta painted to the mellifluous music of the violin .The evening was a spell binding aesthetic experience.It was a true celebration of pristine music and exhilarating creativity on the canvas.

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As the violin mastero performed, Manav interpreted it all live on canvas.Later in the month at a Christie’s auction Manav’s artwork notched up about 20000 USD – A significant landmark for this highly acclaimed artist.

Times of Oman

When music meets art in a rare jugalbandi, the effect is a feast for the senses. Fusion of music and art enthralled a packed audience at the Afrah Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Muscat last Thursday as melody, rhythm and brushstrokes came together to create a mesmerizing effect. While the music played, artist poet Manav Gupta inspired by its flow translated the moods, right there and then on canvas, as the audience kept its eyes and ears tuned to this extraordinary confluence.
By this time, Manav had created a striking symbol of Indo-Oman unity and all that remained were the finishing touches. While all three instruments in perfect harmony and the music of nature reverberating throughout the hall, Manav created the birds on his canvas which spoke of life and a new hope. With the end of the performance, Manav too had finished his first painting for the cause.
“Music is the soul to my art. This creation is symbolic of the spirit of freedom and unity. It represents the bond of friendship between India and Oman,” explained Manav

The Week Performance Painter

The prospect of painting a troupe of performing musicians before an audience would have perturbed most people, but artist Manav Gupta was serene.Collating music and painting this way, which he described as a confluence of art forms to create a new idiom, is innovatory. It was born out of the fact that nothing is static- everything is evolving, including art.

Manav’s own works, which are sold and exhibited round the world, are often intense and colourful. As well as the natural world, he has a fascination with portraying eyes.

Deccan Herald, Bangalore, An artist par excellence

The highlights of these musical fiestas will be the creation of paintings by well-known Indian artist Manav Gupta on stage. The paintings will be auctioned after each show.

Oman OberverSpotlight by Rekha Baala

Manav brings to Oman a totally unique concept of painting to the melody and rhythm of various art forms. He has already created his first canvas from the music of the santoor, flute and the tabla at the Generation Next concert held last week. Manav will lend his creativity to two more events –a musical concert by a band of visually challenged people, a contemporary dance performance and a live concert by Indian singer Anup Jalota.The Omani Society for Fine Arts is also hosting a 12-day exhibition of his paintings which is on until August 23.

Manav Gupta is a leading young Indian painter whose work has fetched him rare critical acclaim from different parts of the world. He is a collector’s delight and has been rated by the Financial Times as one of the country’s top artists whose works would fetch good returns. He has also collaborated with leading poets including the former president of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam by translating their poems into paintings.In an interview with Oman Observer, Manav Gupta speaks of the confluence of his art forms and how Indian arthas come into its own.

Indian Express Passion that’s patently obvious

The elite gathering were enthralled to the artist poet Manav’s recitation of his poem and in the background his exquisite paintings spoke a language of the essence of nature and emotions.